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Abaqo SW development. Abaqo critical Sw development

Software is a key element in Safety Critical Systems, where a failure can cause irreparable damage to people, goods or the environment. This dependence demands a high level of reliability in this type of software.

To achieve a software of sufficient quality, it is achieved through guided developments based on a series of norms and standards, which force the use of safe practices and controls, minimizing the possibilities of error and allowing a follow-up of its evolution.

Our professionals have extensive experience in embedded systems, following the V-Life Cycle, including software development according to different standards, such as CENELEC 5012X, ISO -26262, DO-178C, DO-254, ARP-4754, ARP-4761, IEC-61508, ECSS E-40/Q-80 and IEC60601.

Embedded Software

We cover 100% of the needs required in the entire on-board software engineering cycle: from native applications (bare-metal) to user applications that make use of real-time operating systems (RTOS), including the development of drivers (BSPs) or the configuration of the environment (toolchain). We have experience in:

  • Architectures: Power PC, ERC32/LEON2/LEON3, ARM, x86, amd64, SoftCores, Arduino...
  • Languages: ADA, C, C++
  • RTOS: Integrity (Green Hills), VxWorks (Wind River), RTEMS...
  • BSPs: MILBUS-1553, ARINC429, AFDX, CAN, DMA, SPI, CCD Controllers...

Application Software and Simulations

  • Programming languages: Python, Ruby, Java, Javascript...
  • Type of applications: Simulations, Models, Hardware virtualization, rehosting of embedded applications, Automatic report generators, Lifecycle automation....
  • Integration with third-party SW: Matlab, TSIM, quemu, Labview, DOORS (DXL), IBM Rhapsody, MS Office, NetBeans IDE, Eclipse IDE, ClearCase, git, Subversion, PVCS, ClearQuest, Redmine...
Abaqo. Testing Engineering. Abaqo SW Testing

In Safety Critical Systems, the Verification and Validation phases are of special importance and are included in all phases of product development. In addition, these tasks, for some security levels, must be performed by an entity different from the one executing the system development.

The process to be followed must be defined from the beginning, in a series of plans and application guides, which include the tasks to be performed, the techniques to be used and the metrics to be calculated, according to the level of criticality of the system.

In Critical Safety Systems the Verification and Validation phases are of special importance and are included in all phases of product development.


  • Consultancy and Follow-up in the different stages of the project according to the application standard. En 50128, DO-178B, EN 26262-6, IEC 62304, among others.
  • Preparation of Action Plans in the different phases of the project based on the standard to be applied. Software Verification Plan, Software Validation Plan, Software Integration Plan, Hardware / Software Integration Plan.
  • Preparation of Application Guides for various Verification techniques. Static Code Analysis Guide, Dynamic Code Analysis Guide, Document Inspection Guides.
  • Specification Verification, Architecture Verification, Design Verification, Code Verification.
  • Code Verification: C, C++ and Ada, Formal Inspections, Coding Rules: MISRA C and MISRA C++, Static Code Analysis, Dynamic Code Analysis.
  • Validation Activities: Software Integration Testing, Hardware/Software Integration Testing, Functional Validation based on requirements.
  • Evaluation and Selection of code analysis and project management tools.
Abaqo RAMS. Abaqo FDMS

RAMS project management

  • Definition of management plans for the evaluation process.
  • Cooperation and planning with other stakeholders (design, engineering, operations).
  • Follow-up of the product life cycle and RAMS cycle.
  • Interface management
  • Relations with the Assessment Body (ISA / AsBo) or the competent authority.

RAM studies and analysis

  • RAM Plans
  • RAM data analysis and future estimation based on operating conditions.
  • Definition of RAM acceptance criteria.
  • Distribution plan and breakdown of RAM requirements.
  • RAM analysis for demonstration of system requirements (calculation of failure rates, MTBF, MTTR, etc.)
  • Definition of FRACAS (Failure Reporting Analysis and Corrective Actions System) tools.
  • Definition of maintenance stocks.
  • Elaboration of RAM justification documentation.
  • Monitoring of system performance. Continuous RAM analysis in maintenance & operation.
  • LCC (Life Cycle Cost) Analysis, ILS (Integrated Logistic Support) Services
  • Analysis of the RAM implications of modifications and updates.

Assistance to the implementation of a Safety Management System (SMS)

  • Security management manuals. Definition of strategies and policies.
  • Process and sub-process flowcharts.
  • Security management procedures.
  • Internal audits of the safety management system.

Functional safety studies and analysis based on IEC 61508 and its derived standards.

  • Study of the applicable regulatory framework (General IEC 61508, Railway CENELEC EN 50126/50128/50129, Automotive ISO 26262, Aviation DO-178/254, Machinery IEC 62061 and ISO 13849, Industry IEC 61511, Medical devices IEC14971 etc.).
  • Planning of security activities (security plan, validation plan, test plans, etc.).
  • Threat and risk analysis (HAZID, HAZOP, RCA, etc.).
  • Definition of risk acceptance criteria.
  • Definition of safety requirements (SIL, ASIL, DAL, PL, etc.).
  • Distribution plan and breakdown of security requirements.
  • Safety justification analysis, functional block diagrams, ETA, FMECA, FMEDA, FTA, etc.
  • Safety requirements management and evidence definition. Hazard Log / Hazard Register.
  • Definition of plans and procedures for security requirements.
  • Safety Dossier / Safety Case.
  • Monitoring of system performance. Continuous safety analysis in maintenance & operation.
  • Analysis of the security implications of modifications and updates.

Assistance to certification/approval and/or procurement processes

  • Management of approval and certification projects.
  • Documentation for approvals according to standards and specifications (ETI, ETH, UIC, EN, etc.).
  • Supporting studies and analyses (calculations, simulations, etc.).
  • Design review according to specifications, standards and pre-assessment of conformity.
  • Review of verification and validation processes.
  • Assistance to interoperability certification processes.
  • First / second party inspections:
    • Technical due dilligences.
    • Factory inspection.
    • Field inspections.
Abaqo PMO. Spring P6

As Project Management Office, we can participate or lead the standardization of processes related to Project/Program/Portfolio Governance. Among the activities we can perform, the following stand out:

  • Definition and standardization of processes, methodologies, tools and techniques for Project/Program/Portfolio Management. Implementation of Project Management systems (EPM).
  • Monitoring compliance with the governance processes established by the company.
  • Development and implementation of your own project management office (PMO)
  • Project planning and scheduling.
  • Follow-up and control.
  • Risk management
  • Controlling
  • Quality Management
  • Change and Claims Management
  • Project knowledge management/Document management
  • Project management
  • Project Management Support
  • Integrated project management
Abaqo project/program/portfolio audits. Abaqo project/program/portfolio management.

A portfolio is a set of ongoing projects, programs and operations, managed together to achieve the company's strategic objectives. A portfolio must have an organizational scope that must change when the organization's strategic objectives change. Its correct management is vital as it is a fundamental factor in achieving the company's strategic objectives.

From abaqo, through our PMI® certified professionals, we can take on the management of your company's projects/programs/portfolios, making your objectives our own. We can offer you our extensive experience in the management of highly complex technological projects.

Abaqo project audits. Abaqo project audits

Project/program/portfolio audits are useful elements to know, with certainty and objectively, their status and whether they are evolving within the tolerance margins established by the company and to propose corrective measures in the event that deviations are detected. Additionally, audits allow the organization to know if it is acting in accordance with the best practices recognized in the sector or in accordance with the management procedures established by the company.

The main types of audits we provide are:

  • Analysis and diagnosis of the project We perform an objective, systematic and independent examination of the project to determine its status, its deviations from plan and predict the final result. Additionally, recommendations and proposals are made on the findings.
  • Project Verification: in our independent and objective review we emphasize the activities related to the control of compliance with the established contractual commitments, their administrative and financial management, the management of the schedule with its milestones or checkpoints, as well as the deliverables that have to be generated throughout the development of the project.
  • Assessment of the Organizational Maturity Model in Project Management (OPM3®). We can determine, through this model developed by the Project Management Institute (PMI®), the maturity level of your organization, comparing your current capabilities versus the set of best practices established in the P-Management standards. This assessment provides a basis for deciding on areas of improvement to be considered and measures to be applied in the domains of project portfolio management, program management and project management. Additionally, it provides a path to advance the organization's strategic objectives through the application of portfolio management principles and practices.
Abaqo. Business consultancy. Abaqo business consultancy

Globalization and technological advances are generating truly disruptive effects on traditional business models. At abaqo, we are prepared for these new trends of change and their real impact on companies. We can help you define solutions that allow you to stay ahead of disruptive changes. Our solutions cover several areas:

  • Strategy and process improvement. The improvement of operational processes is a constant in the strategic approaches of companies. We use new technologies and cutting-edge trends to transform processes and therefore organizations towards excellent models.
  • Innovation and Good Governance. Good governance of companies is absolutely critical in today's environment. From abaqo we advise on how to build and implement this governance, from the base to the top management, integrating it with the focus and strategic positioning of the company and incorporating at the same time a culture of innovation, which serves as a lever of value for the current management and the evolution and transformation in the future.
  • Technological Strategy. We incorporate innovation into company operations. We are experts in the management and use of all types of information for decision making. We advise, define and implement the digital transformation of our clients, including strategic planning, change implementation and process outsourcing.
  • Change Management and Human Capital. People are fundamental in the evolution of companies, they are the engine of change and the reflection of their culture. At abaqo we work to align the strategy, tactics and operations of companies with the people who work directly or indirectly with them, in order to achieve excellent high-performance teams, committed to the project and fully aligned with the company's values.
  • Refloating. The game is not over until the final whistle blows and if there are sales there is hope. From abaqo we can help to refloat the company, not only giving it a new opportunity, but also adapting it to improve its future competitiveness. Our expert and impartial vision brings new and innovative solutions to your problems.
  • Interim Management. From abaqo we offer our service to companies and institutions that are in a situation of significant change and need the help of an external executive with extensive experience in leadership and management. Our experts join the company for a specific period of time with the objective of promoting the changes and achieving the agreed goals within the agreed timeframe.
Abaqo. innovation consultancy. Abaqo innovation consultancy

Companies, even the largest and most renowned, are usually much better at executing than innovating; in fact, more than 80% of product innovations fail, wasting a significant amount of resources and effort.

From abaqo we contribute our knowledge to reduce this percentage significantly, distinguishing between innovation and disruption.

Using the JTBD methodology, we are able to determine the true value of products by analyzing both functional and emotional/social dimensions, increasing the probability of success in innovation and thus allowing a more efficient use of invested resources.

Additionally, we can assist in the definition and implementation of processes that foster innovation in the company and promote the culture of innovation, which is the basis for the sustainability and growth of the most admired and sustainable companies.

Abaqo. Technology consultancy. Abaqo technology consultancy

Blockchain, AI, chatbots, Deep learning, Big Data, VR vs AR, IoT, cloud... How are these technologies going to affect the industry and how can SMEs that do not have a technology and innovation department, able to explore and imagine the impact on their business, improve their competitiveness?

Through technology consultancies such as abaqo, which focuses on the practical application of technologies to the daily reality of companies, generating a tangible impact on the business.

We can help you in the digitization of your company, in the adoption of new technologies that really make an impact on your company and make a difference with your competitors.

Abaqo Big Data Technology for Business. Abaqo big data technology

Data surround us and overwhelm us, but generating data is not the same as generating knowledge. To support the generation of knowledge from existing data, abaqo uses its own methodology based on simple and logical phases:

  • Understand the business and define what you want to achieve with the project (objectives and problems to be solved).
  • List structured and unstructured sources that can generate valuable data
  • Analyze data sources and their potential contribution to the project objective.
  • Automate data collection (without automatic data collection the benefits of the project will be greatly reduced).
  • Data debugging (one of the most critical points of the project)
  • Creation of the model
  • Model validation and refinement
  • Iteration
abaqo HR consultancy. Abaqo HR consultancy

From our extensive experience in the Engineering and Project Management sector, we are able to identify the appropriate profiles, carrying out a specialized search and selection of resources worldwide.

In addition, and thanks to our network of partners, we can carry out other actions:

  • Female Talent Boosting Program (to help break the glass ceiling)
  • Employer Branding (aimed at attracting talent)
  • Employee experience (aimed at retaining talent)
  • Analytical vision of Human Resources (using quantitative and not only qualitative methods) to know the state of the organization in real time, supporting decision making and maximizing the return on investment in Human Resources.

Gamification is a design technique that uses elements characteristic of games in non-game contexts to increase user motivation and loyalty.

Gamification takes something that already exists - a website, training tool, CRM, online community or other corporate system - and integrates game mechanics to motivate participation, adoption or loyalty.

Currently 2 out of 3 employees are not committed to the company and this lack of commitment generates huge losses in companies. From abaqo we can design and implement systems to improve the employee experience, increasing loyalty and decreasing employee turnover or to increase productivity, collaboration, help achieve a goal or reduce resistance to change.

We can also design systems to improve the customer experience, using game mechanics to increase loyalty, optimize sales effectiveness or improve customer service, key to improving the company's image and user experience.

Our products
Abaqo Subway station. Abaqo subway station

In Abaqo we are dedicated to the sale of critical devices such as hot box detectors, a vital element in the safety of trains.
Hot box detectors are used to identify in real time possible failures in systems that tend to heat up such as, for example, the lubricating pads of the sleepers of the trains, which due to the high revolutions, the thermoconductivity of the elements and friction, can overheat, losing effectiveness and can degenerate into major problems.
The system, developed entirely by our engineering team, detects the anomaly and communicates it to the responsible team to take the necessary measures.

abaqo Ai. Abaqo IA

Software simulations are like the virtual laboratories of the digital age. They allow you to recreate real or imaginary scenarios, from the behavior of a complex system to the development of an innovative product, all in a safe and controlled environment. With simulations you can experiment, test and learn dynamically, without the risks and costs associated with traditional methods.

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